Music video of the old Nubian city Halfa, before it was destroyed and relocated

I found this footage in a documentary film, and added this great track by Nubian musician Abdullah Al-Mahi.

This city was flooded due to a river dam project, and the citizens were re-located to the new Wad Halfa (which still exists today). A huge concern at the time was that older Nubian buildings and artifacts were being destroyed. The larger, ongoing concern, is that Nubian culture is being erased.

River dams and water infrastructure projects are a huge issue in Sudan, from what I understand. Life is greatly improved for many people as result of those projects, but inevitably some people are displaced by these projects. And the central government of Sudan has not always been sensitive to non-Arabic cultures, and at times in recent history the government has been actively hostile to those cultures. Flooding cities and displacing people is one way to potentially dismantle those cultures.

Unfortunately, these issues may become even more pressing as climate change potentially puts a strain on the water infrastructure in Sudan.