documentary about zar traditions in sudan

A friend who lives in Sudan sent me this one – a really great documentary on the Zar tradition in Sudan. As I understand it, Zar is an old school mystic tradition that lots of people in North Africa and the Middle East practice. In Sudan, the former dictator tried to ban the practice, forcing most Zar events to go underground.

I especially love the music. Really great.

Here’s the link: documentary about zar traditions in sudan – YouTube

Ahmed Farah bootleg tape free on bandcamp

I always really liked this cover art. I can’t remember where I found the original… I think I collaged together 3 different old-school tape covers that I found on discogs. In any case, I like it. Hopefully it draws you in and gets you to spend some time with these lovely oldies. I don’t know much about the artist, aside from that he was a contemporary of Wardi and El-Amin. I haven’t found any old videos of his performances.

Here’s the link to bandcamp:

I also made a little music video for him, by chopping up an old documentary of Sudan: ahmed farah music video – YouTube

Also, there’s some different stuff on my bandcamp… I rotate what’s available every few weeks.

Enjoy a pleasant Sunday. Wherever you are, I hope you are staying healthy and safe in this pandemic.

Sudanese film “Tajouj” on YouTube

Film from 1977 by Sudanese filmmaker Gadalla Gubara. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, with English captions, here’s a link: الفيلم السوداني تاجوج كاملا – YouTube

Here’s a brief description of the film, found on that YouTube channel: “The Sudanese film Tajuj … tells the story of Gram Taguj and Al-Mohaq … written by the Sudanese historian Muhammad Salih Dirar, for which he toured the valley of the Hamran tribe …. from the films of the late pioneer Jad Allah Jabara … starring the artist Salah Bin Al Badia and the actress Majida Hamdna.”