The end of sudanese music blog

I’ve decided to close up shop on this blog. I’m going to leave the YouTube channel up, and will still post on Instagram and TikTok. But I’ve started to delete the posts. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the Bandcamp

I think that Sudanese music will continue to receive increasing international attention. My hope is that Sudanese musicians are able to profit from that international audience and gain the well-deserved international fame they deserve.

I’ll delete this blog in one week, and will delete the rest of the mp3s on

‘Iiman ‘Am Rawabuh and the seirra beat

I put this one on bandcamp, free to download or stream:

A friend on Instagram has been going over with me some of the various genres of Sudanese music. There are, for the record, hundreds of different genres and sub-genres of music in Sudan, tied to the many different tribal and traditional groups that make up Sudan’s population.

One of these genres is called “seirra.” صقرية  in Arabic.

I really like this genre. Once my friend sent me some examples, I realized that ‘Iiman ‘Am Rawabuh, an artist I’ve followed for years, was in the seirra genre. Love it.

Side note: I created the cover art. ‘Iiman ‘Am Rawabuh has never actually stepped out of a limbo as a pop music starlet. At least not yet.

Sudanese jazz bootleg tape, free on bandcamp

Sudanese jazz has gotten some attention, as Habibi Funk has put out several re-releases of albums by Kamal Keila (RIP), Sharhabil Ahmed and the Scorpions. Here’s another 5 Sudanese jazz groups that you should check out as well: Jazz Al-Diom, William Andrea and the Blue Stars, Mirghani Sukkar, Salah Bashir Brown and Birshry Bayyun. I modified an old Sono cassette cover for album art.

Stream it for free or download it free on bandcamp. Here’s the link: