Collection of songs by جاز الديوم Jazz Aldiom

Check out this rad music here!

Make sure you check out track number four. I first heard this track on a mix compiled by Sudanese-American musician Sinkane for the blog Aquarium Drunkard. Such an incredible track.

(Here’s a link to Sinkane’s work. I’m a huge fan of him as well)


9 thoughts on “Collection of songs by جاز الديوم Jazz Aldiom

  1. The picture is for Adwa’a Bahri Jazz Band, and not ad-Deiuom Jazz Band. Also, Habibi Funk (a.k.a. Jannis Sturtz), is a German who knows absobloodyutely nothing about Sudanese music, let alone jazz-band music which is something not quite a lot of Sudanese people know anything about, as it was a genre of popular music; misnamed as “jazz”, that came and went as quickly as it did.



    1. I appreciate the feedback, and I removed the picture. I try my best to avoid those mistakes but I know they are somewhat inevitable. I don’t speak or read Arabic and I know very little about Sudanese culture and history. But I like the music, and I want to help other Westerners access it. If you see any other errors, feel free to let me know.


  2. For me the most interesting point is: What does the jazz idiom indicate for the Sudanese users? I don’t think they wanted to fool people.


    1. I cant answer that question but there is a history of other African bands using the “jazz” label despite not sounding like european/american jazz. Check out chimvua jazz band, or kale-rodger ok jazz orchestra to see what I mean. Regardless what you call this music, it’s fun to listen to and I’m glad Habibi funk is helping bring it to an international audience


  3. Good point. Sharhabeel Ahmed is another figure of these strange jazz men. He is one of Sudans top veteran artists and a well respected figure in the jazz scene world wide.


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