Modern lyre mix on mixcloud

I put together another mix, this time showcasing lo-fi lyre-based tracks from modern day Sudan. Long time followers of this blog will recognize these tracks by Abdullah Hassan Madani, Habib Abdullah Albarza, and Mohamed Mostafa El Hamdaby.

I haven’t heard musicians play the lyre (kissar, krar, et al) like this before. These musicians are *shredding* on the lyre.



Mohammed Wardi mix on mixcloud

For those unfamiliar with the legendary Wardi, I hope this mix can serve as a good introduction:

I’m going to be putting together mixes of Sudanese music pulled from this blog and from my secret stash of mp3s. It occurs to me that I have approximately 1200 mp3s on, and that the casual listener might be reluctant to sit and sift through all that music. My hope is that putting together mixes will allow more people to access the amazing world of Sudanese jams.


Blog hibernation

My work/life schedule changed recently and I don’t have the time in the evenings free to search the Internet for Sudanese music gems. I hope that I’ve cracked open the door for my fellow non-Sudanese people to access some amazing music. I’ll leave this blog up with working links so that people can continue to access the music.

While there will be minimal activity on this blog in the next few months, several re-releases of Sudanese jams are in the pipeline that any fan of this blog should support.

Ostinato Records is getting ready to drop a compilation of classic jams (they put out this awesome preview video last week).

Habibi Funk is planning to re-release albums from Kamal Keila, the Scorpions, and Sharhabeel Ahmed (according to an announcement from their facebook account). Since I knew that those artists would be re-released soon, I have not posted anything from them on this blog.

Which takes me to my parting note: I’m going to remove links to for anything that becomes available to purchase. To get more Sudanese music available to the public, people need to show that they’re willing to spend the $$$ to get it. Hopefully Ostinato and Habibi Funk are able to show other record labels that there’s an international market for Sudanese music! I dream of the day I’m able to listen to high quality audio versions of all these tracks I love. Hopefully that day will come sooner than later.

Thanks for listening!